Terms and Conditions

This document forms a contractual agreement between you, referred herein as the Home Based MT, and Mediscribe.

The parties desire a business arrangement regarding the transcription of medical dictation and hereby agree:

1) Supplies provided to the Home Based MT by Mediscribe that are a necessary requirement for the completion of work must be ordered by the Home Based MT from Mediscribe in a timely fashion such that the Home Based MT will not be without said necessities.

2) The Home Based MT is responsible for any supplies and equipment necessary to perform the contracted work. Furthermore, the Home Based MT is responsible for the upkeep of any machines or other equipment required to complete work and shall not let machines or equipment fall into disrepair, thereby affecting the Home Based MT's ability to perform work in the agreed manner and time.

3) The Home Based MT may only communicate with Mediscribe in matters regarding the actual work of transcribing dictation for said client and may not communicate with anybody else regarding any matters.

4) The Home Based MT agrees that patient and client confidentiality are of utmost importance. No work performed by the Home Based MT for Mediscribe may be disposed of without first shredding said documents. The Home Based MT will set-up files and directories on computer(s) in such a way as to prevent unauthorized viewing, deleting, or copying. Said computer(s) will also be configured to prevent unauthorized use and will also employ security devices to prevent theft of said computer(s). No work shall be sent from the computer without it first being encrypted using a minimum of 128 bit encryption. No patient or client names will be stored by the Home Based MT in any form of database for use after termination of this agreement.

5) Payment to the Home Based MT by Mediscribe will be for completed and successfully delivered work only. Payment will be made on a per-line basis for transcription/editing, with said line being 65 characters per line.

6) Upon dissolution of this agreement, for whatever reason, machines, supplies, or equipment loaned to the Home Based MT by Mediscribe, must be returned to Mediscribe or the replacement cost of said machines, supplies, or equipment will be deducted from outstanding monies owed by Mediscribe to the Home Based MT.

7) Mediscribe's name, logo, trade-mark or trade-marks, letterhead, and any other intellectual property of Mediscribe shall remain exclusively as Mediscribe's.

8) Mediscribe and Home Based MT must give written notice of at least 30 (thirty) days of their desire to dissolve this agreement. All outstanding work, finished work, loaned equipment, machines, or supplies, must be returned by the Home Based MT on the last day or prior to the last day of this notice. Within the life of the notice period, the Home Based MT is still bound to perform in accordance with this contract. Any substandard performance or inability to complete Mediscribe's clients' work by the Home Based MT in a timely fashion may result in Mediscribe waving the notice period to save Mediscribe's good business name. Any costs associated with premature dissolution of this agreement in this regard may be deducted from the Home Based MT's final payment.

9) Breach of any part of this agreement could result in the termination of this agreement by Mediscribe without notice to the Home Based MT. All normal clauses pertaining to dissolution of this agreement would then come into effect.

10) Mediscribe cannot guarantee the quantity of work to be sent to the Home Based MT The Home Based MT agrees to honor and completely understands this agreement.

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